My name is Juno Blackwood, and I’m a queer, non-binary creator, writer, and activist. I go by the pronouns “they” and “them”. I am a traditional and digital artist focusing on fine art commissions and album covers at the moment. My style focuses on morbid and natural subject matter, contrasted with vibrant colours and limited palettes. I am working to better incorporate design into my compositions and streamline my process in 2017, so I can build a more varied and professional portfolio. I spend a lot of time dreading my existence but it’s been getting better lately. I have Borderline Personality Disorder with a number of comorbidities, and am a vocal advocate of mental health awareness, treatment, and service reform. I write personal essays from time to time.

I run a queer-oriented, non-profit artspace called The Shadow Gallery (named after the museum of art and artifacts kept by V from the fascist regime in V For Vendetta) with my housemate and best friend, violinist Fae Sirois, where we create art and music, foster thoughtful discussion, temporarily house travelers/members of the community who need a safe place to get their bearings, and every once in a while we host community meals and small noise/experimental electronic shows. We are hoping to expand our reach, improve our space with integration initiatives, strengthen our voice as an indispensable and responsible contributor to Toronto’s vast cultural landscape, and meaningfully impact all who cross our threshold.

Occasionally, I show up in collaborative projects:

doesn't realize

Joe Doesn’t Realize (His Mind Is Hacked) by Erin Buelow

Episode 11 of Does That Hold Up? with Eli Terlson